How to Get XML Data From a SharePoint List – The Easy Way

Ever wanted to view your Sharepoint list as an XML data like me?

I think that you will run into a situation where you want to pull data as an XML format out of your SharePoint list some day, and to be honest i’ve found alot of ways pulling out the data to be viewed as XML.

Here i want to share this simple way to do this using  the great functionality of a file called owssvr.dll. and as a brief on this dll, i can say that the owssvr.dll file serves as the backbone of the SharePoint function. This is because the owssvr.dll file is the module that runs the mechanism for ‘export to spreadsheet and open with access’ options on the list Actions menu of SharePoint

So to get started, Simply format the following string to form the request URL:

http://{yoursite}/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={list GUID}&XMLDATA=TRUE


  1. {yoursite} : is the url of your site, which could be the root site of any child site.
  2. {list GUID} : is the GUID of your list.

So as an example of this request URL would be 


And you will get the XML view something like this:


In addition to viewing a list using the Cmd=Display command in the URL request, you can also return all data for a SharePoint list, but based on a specific view from that list, by adding the &View={ViewGuid} to the URL request, like the following:

http://{yoursite}/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&List={list GUID}&View={ViewGuid}&XMLDATA=TRUE

where: {ViewGuid} : is the GUID of the list view.

The response for a simple view looks like this:



– To find the GUID for a list, just go to the Settings page for the list and copy it from the URL. (see below)


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